Library Board Meeting Agenda

AGENDA East Dubuque District Library

Board of Trustees Meeting

Wednesday APRIL 12, 2017

4:45 P.M. at 122 Wisconsin Ave., East Dubuque



Call to Order Regular Board Meeting                           

Roll Call         

Record Attendance

Verify Quorum


*See New Business Item #10.  Personnel Committee Report. Closed Session 2(c)(1) and 2(c)(2).


Changes to the Agenda:


Librarian’s Report: (Informational)


Consent Agenda

Approval of Minutes of the March 8, 2017   Regular Board Meeting (Action Item)

Treasurer’s Report for March 2017 (Action Item)

Approve payment of invoices as presented.  Roll Call Vote. (Action Item)


Committee reports-

Personnel Committee Report:

Budget & Finance Committee:

Building & Grounds:                                       Informal Foundation meeting was 04/06/17

Foundation Meeting:           Next meeting:  Wed April 19, 2017 at 3:00 at Foundation Trustee’s Home


Unfinished Business: 


1. Director will provide general information regarding a new circulation desk and related book drop  and staff work stations to the Foundation at their next meeting.  (Info)


2.  Director gathered information about possible building use changes and possible small scale expansion.  (Info)



3.  Status of Runde Judgement which must be revived by September 2017.  Treasurer and Director have been working together on this.   (Info)




New Business       






1. Monday May 15 is the earliest date a district trustee could begin a new term per section 75 ILCS 16/30-10.                As our May meeting is on May 10, our new term trustees will be sworn in at our regular meeting on June 14th   at the library.  (Info)




2.  New Trustees must complete OMA/FOIA training within 90 days of starting.  Training is required once during each term of office. (Info)




3.  Statements of Economic Interests for all trustees must be filed with the Jo Daviess County Clerk. (Info)




4.  Police were called to the library on 3/13/2017 as a young boy entered the library bleeding from a dog bite near (but not on) library property. We called the police and the boy’s mother.  Incident report filed. (Info)




5.  There were two other incidents in March where students were reprimanded and one incident where two students were asked to leave the library.  Also, there were informal complaints about disruptive noise from persons who were in the library with their caretakers. (Info)  




6.  Firefighters were called to a fire 03/23/17 on vacant property near the back of library. (Info)




7. Current FY16/17  taxing district’s aggregate levy maximum was set by the Board at 4.99% per attorney’s recommendation.  Does the Board wish keep the same percent for the upcoming FY 2017/2018? (Action)




8.  Section 75 ILCS 16/30-60 requires the Board to “…adopt and review at least every 2 years,  a resolution for the selection of library materials and the use of library materials and facilities.”  See and review attached. 


Does the Board wish to approve Resolution 16-06 Review & Confirmation  of  Existing Library Policy concerning selection and the use of library materials and facilities?  (Action)




9. Rick Leute will present information and cost estimates regarding maintenance and repairs of both library parking lots.  What actions does the board wish to take? (Action)




10.  Personnel Committee Report regarding compensation and performance of employees in closed session.  




*Personnel Committee Report.  Closed session 2(c)(1) and 2(c)(2)


MOTION TO GO INTO CLOSED SESSION made by ____________  seconded by _____________






Closed session discussion of 2(c)(1) and 2(c)(2)… , compensation and  performance…of…specific employees or classes of employees.  (No final action may be taken in closed session.) 



Board Members, Meeting Schedule



Members of the Board of Trustees: